Dot Net Training

Course Code: GLOXINIA/DNT-.NET/01

Introduction to .Net: Introduction of Language, Introduction of Web Application, Platform Dependence , Independence & Portability, Introduction of .NET Framework, Introduction of Compiler & MSIL, Introduction of CLR, Introduction of CLS, CTS, CLI

Syntax and DataType: Language Fundamental, DataType and Control Structure, Value and Referance Data Type, Looping Syntax, Array, Structure

OOPs Implementation: Encapsulation, Abstraction, Class & object, Relation b/w objects and reference variables, Method Overloading & Types of Methods, Constructors and Destructor & Garbage Collection, Using Scope & Dispose Method, Usage of this keyword, Static Data members, Constructors & methods, Implementing Is-A relation using Inheritance, Method Overriding & Hiding, Runtime polymorphism and generalization, Abstract classes & methods, Interfaces and Role based Inheritance, Namespace, Assembly & GAC, Property & Indexer, Windows Application, Delegates & Event, Event Handling, Windows App. Component, Object class and its role

Collection Framework: Role and Importance of Collection Framework, Index Based Collection Array List, Stack, Queue, Use Define Collection, Hash Table, Sorted List, Searching elements in List, Hash and Tree based collections, Role of Comparable interfaces, Type safety and Generics, Generic Collection, List ,Stack ,Queue ,Dictionary ,Linked List, Sorted List

File Handling: IO Namespace, Streanm Reader and Stream Writer, File Class, Directory Class, Path Class, Reading And Writing A file

ADO.Net: Database Connectivity Using ADO.NET, Overview of Database & Database Server, Introduction of SQL Server 2008, DML & DDL Query, Join , Trigger , Procedure & function, NET API, Connected Layer, Connection, Command & Data Reader, Disconnected Layer, Adaptor, Data Set, Table, Row & Column, ODBC, OLEDB, Oracle Client, Connectivity with Oracle ,Access, Excel & MySql, Connection Pooling

ADO.Net with Sql DataBase: Overview of Database & Database Server, Introduction of SQL Server 2008, DML & DDL Query, Join , Trigger , Procedure & function

ASP.Net: Introduction Of, Need Of Web Application, Http Protocol, Static And Dynamic Page

Introduction of Html Tag: Creating A simple Html Page, Html Page, Hosting A Html Page, Request Transfer Through Get And Post Method

JQUERY and JavaScript Concepts: Implementation Of Jquery And JavaScript Functions

Server Page Using Asp.Net: Creating A Server Page, UnderStanding Page Life Cycle, Handling Page Requesting, Http Request object, Http Response Object, Understanding PostBack, Tracing And Debugging Asp.Net Page

State Management: Introduction Of Stateless Process, Need Of Stateless Persistance..

Type of State Management 

HttpCookies: Cookies Creation, Scope Of Cookies And Their Merits

HttpSession: Understand The Session, Understand Session Creation And Cleanup

QueryString Methods: Implementation Of QueryString, Transfer Value through Querystring, Getting Value by Request Object

State Management Using PostBack Url: InCross PostBack, UnderStand PostBack Url, Page Object Working, Previous Page Process

View State: UnderStanding ViewState

Server Control

Standard Control: Taxtbok, Combobox, Listbox, Checkbox, Addrotator Control, File Upload Control, Multiview Control, And Many More

Validation Control: Type Of Validation Control, Working With Range, Regular,Required,Compare, Validation Controls, Implementation Of Client And Server Side Validation

DataBind Control: Working With Repeater Control, Working With Datalist Control, Working With GridView Control, Working With ListView Control

Navigation Control: Site Map, Tree View

Master Page Concept: Introduction And Need Of Master Page, Creating A Master Page

Window Application

Console Applicatio


Advance .NET

Window Communication Foundation(W.C.F): The Role Of W.C.F., Composition Of Basic W.C.F., Building A W.C.F. SERVICES, Hosting A W.C.F. Application, Building A W.C.F. Client Application

Wpf: WPF Introduction, Wpf Contorl, Wpf Binding, Style, Template, Trigger, Navigation, Data Binding

Globalization And Localization: Introduction Of Multilanguage Application, Understanding of Culture And UICulture, Setting The Culture And UICulture, Local And Global Resources

AJAX: Introduction of ajax, Creating ajaxenabled website, Understanding and Working with update Panel, Role Of Script Manager

Mvc Application: Introduction to MVC3, The Model-View-Controller Pattern, Differences Between MVC and Web Forms Applications, Building a Simple MVC Application with Visual Studio, Working with Controllers and Actions, Introduction to Controllers, Using a Controller to Manage the Application, Controller Actions, Returning Action Results, Creating MVC Models, Data and Business Rules in MVC Applications, Creating a Custom Data Model, Data Validation and Data Annotations, Using MVC Views, Views in ASP.NET MVC, Creating Views, Adding Content to a View, HTML Helpers and Action Filters, Using HTML Helpers in MVC, Routing and URLs, Customizing Application URLs, Creating Route Constraints, Routing and Web Forms, Using MVC and AJAX and JQuery, Integrating Client-Side Script with MVC, Using the MVC AJAX Helpers, Working with JSON Data

Project: Project Description, Project Architecture, Project Conventions and Deliverables, Data sources, Work flows and Modules, Project Interface Design, Creating project prototype, Testing, Modification & Acceptance, Commencement of next Iteration, Testing, Modification & Acceptance…, Integration Testing and project deployment