Java Spring & Hibernate

Course Code: GLOXINIA/WD-FRM/03

HIBERNATEV3.0 INTRODUCTION TO MAPPING OBJECTS TO RELATIONAL DATABASES: Serialization 2, XML2Object, oriented Database system, Mapping

INTRODUCTION TO HIBERNATE: Hibernate Architecture, Hibernate configuration, Hibernate’s Support for Other Technologies, Installing Hibernate, A “Hello world” stand alone application, Servlet–Based Hibernate application

CREATING PERSISTING CLASSES: Mapping a basic Java Class, Mapping a Class with Binary Data, Mapping a Serializable Class, Mapping a class with Data/ calendar attributes, Mapping a Read-only class, Mapping a class using Versioning /Timestamps

MAPPING INHERITENCE WITH JAVA CLASSES: Table-Per –class Hierarchy Mapping, Table-Per –subclass Hierarchy Mapping, Table-Per –concrete-subclass Hierarchy Mapping, Persistence interfaces

PACKAGES AND INTERFACES: Defining a package, Understanding CLASSPATH, Access Protection, Importing packages, Defining and Implementing interfaces, Anonymous classes, Abstract classes Vs Interfaces, Adapter classes

WORKING WITH COLLECTIONS: Associations, Lazy initialization, Mapping Sets/Sorted Sets, Mapping lists, Mapping Arrays, Mapping a Bidirectional Association

USING PERSISTENT OBJECTS: Learning String Operation, Learning character Extraction, Learning string Comparison, Understanding string Buffer Classes, String builder class, Creating Immutable Class

SCALAR QUERIES AND HIBERNATE QUERY LANGUAGE: Queries, Named Queries, SQL Queries, Hibernate Queries language

HIBERNATE CACHING: Setting Up a Session Factory Cache, Using the persistent Object cache, Setting Up EHcache

HIBERNATE TRANSACTIONS AND LOCKING: Configuration, Database support, Using Transactions, The Transactions API, Transaction Example Using Oracle, Locking

HIBERNATE AND XDOCLET: Introduction to XDoclet, Using XDOclet with Hibernate, Hibernate XDoclet Tags and description

HIBERNATE AND ECLIPSE: Hibernator, HiberClipse, Hibernate synchronizer

INTEGRATION OF STRUTS 2, HIBERNATE AND SPRING: Struts and Hibernate, Spring and Hibernate, Struts, Spring and Hibernate

WHAT IS SPRING?: Spring modules, Understanding dependency Injection, Applying aspect-oriented programming

BASIC BEAN WIRING: Containing your Bean, Creating bean, Injecting into bean properties, Auto wiring, Controlling bean creation

ADVANCED BEAN WIRING: Declaring parent and Child Bean, Applying method injection, Injecting Non-spring Beans, Registering Custom property editors

ADVISING BEANS: Introducing AOP, Creating classic spring aspects, Creating advice, Defining Pointcuts and Advisors, Using proxyFactory Bean, Datatype, autoproxying

HITTING THE DATABASE: Learning spring’s data Access Philosphy, Configuring a data source, Using JDBC with Spring, Working with JDBC Templates, Using Spring’s DAO Support Classes for JDBC, Integrating Hibernate with Spring, Caching

SPRING AND POJO BASED REMOTE SERVICES: An overview of Spring remoting, Working with RMI, Remoting with Hessian and Burlap, Using Spring’s Http Invoker, Spring and Web services

BUILDING CONTRACT-FIRST WEB SERVICES IN SPRING: Introducing Spring-WS, Defining Contract (First!), Handling messages with service endpoints, Wiring it all together, Consuming Spring-WS Web services


HANDLING WEB REQUESTS: Getting started with Spring MVC, Mapping requests to controller, Handling request with controller, Handling exceptions

INTEGRATING WITH OTHER WEB FRAMEWORKS: Using spring with struts, Registering the Spring plug-in with struts, Writing springware struts actions, What about struts 2?, Working Spring into webwork2 / struts 2