Diploma in Graphic Designing (DGD) [6 Months]

Course Code: GLOXINIA/DC-DGD/01


 Introduction to computers: CPU, motherboard, hard disk, Floppy drive, CD drive, memory, Monitor display card, Keyboard, mouse cables, connectors – USB, COM Multimedia –  Definition (a) Soundcard, scanner, digital camera. (b) Multimedia files formats for text, audio, picture, video etc.

Introduction to Ms-Word: Starting Word, Opening a saved word document, The word 2010 windows, Entering text in a document, Previewing a document, Saving a document, Creating a folder, Printing a document, Closing a document and exiting word, Editing a Document, Formatting a Document, Using Editing and Proofing Tools, Changing the Layout of a Document, Inserting Elements to Word Documents, Working with Tables, Working with columned layout & section brakes.

Introduction to Ms-Power Point: Opening and existing presentation, understanding the presentation window (new 2010 ribbon), understanding eh presentation view (normal view, slide sorter view, notes page view, reading view, slide show view, moving around during slide show), Create your first Presentation, working with Bulleted list, Smart Art Graphics, Working with Charts, Clip Arts, WordArt, Animations and Effects, Apply Themes, Saving a Presentation, Printing from Backstage View.


 Introduction to Photoshop: Bitmap vs. vector-based graphics, Color/bit depth and image resolution, Graphic file formats, Optimizing web graphics, Vector graphics vs. bitmap graphics, Regular text vs. anti-aliased text, Pixel resize vs. smart resize, Regular graphics vs. interlaced graphics, Lossy compression vs. lossless compression, Dithered graphics vs. non-dithered graphics, Standard selection vs. floating selection, Tolerance, Opacity

 Introduction to Color : Color modes- RGB, CMYK, grayscale, LAB, bitmap, Hue, saturation, and brightness, Browser safe colors, Shadows, highlights and midtones of an image, Photoshop Interface, Tools and Options

Photoshop Environment: About Photoshop,  The Photoshop Interface, Setting up a new Photoshop document, Saving a new document, The Default palettes, Working with Photoshop palettes, The Photoshop Toolbox and Options bar, Using Guides and Ruler.

Photoshop Image and Color Basics: Supported import and export image formats, Opening an Image in Photoshop, Creating images In Photoshop, Saving images In Photoshop,  Basic image editing, Changing image size, Cropping an image, Changing color/bit depth, Optimizing Images using Save for Web,  Working with color in Photoshop.

Photoshop Tools: Parts of the Toolbox, Toolbox shortcuts, Tools options, Marquees, Magic wand, Lassos, Move tool, Crop tool, Slice tools, Pencil,  Paintbrush, Eraser tools, History brushes, Gradient, Paint bucket, Burn-dodge-sponge, Blur-sharpen- smudge, Shapes-line-rectangle-polygon, Path selection tool, Pen tool, Type tools, Notes tool-audio annotation, Eyedropper-color sampler- measure tool, Hand-zoom, Quick mask-Screen modes, Jump to ImageReady, Back ground and foreground.

Transforms: Using free transform, Move, Rotate, Scale, Skew, Distort, Perspective, Flip-vertical, horizontal, Invert, Rotate 180º , Rotate 90º CW, Rotate 90º CCW.

Photoshop Layers:  About layers-fill and adjustment layers, The layer palette, Naming layers, Creating layers, Deleting layers, Viewing layers, Moving layers, Layer opacity, Locking layers, Merging layers, Layer modes and blending options, Image composting  using layers.

Photoshop Channels: About channels, The channel palette, Creating and viewing channels, Modifying channels, Deleting channels,   Alpha channels and masks.

All about Actions: Using the action palette, Recording action, Playing action, Editing action, Loading a saved action.

Restoration of photos: Restoring damaged photos, Photo retouching, Clone tamp-pattern stamp, Healing brush tool, Retouch tool.

Photo enhancement and Color correction: Changing levels, Changing curves, Color balance, Changing brightness and contrast,  Changing hue saturation and brightness, Histogram, Gradient map, Desatuarate, Invert, Color replace, Selective color, Equalize, Threshold,  Channel mixer, Posterize, Changing background using layer composting,

Text editing in PhotoShop: About the type layer, Creating vertical and horizontal types, Point and paragraph text creation, Using horizontal and vertical type mask tools, Using character palette for text editing, Choosing a font, Changing the type color, Choosing a type size, Specifying kerning and tracking, Using fractional character widths, Specifying baseline shift, Applying underline and strikethrough, Text alignment and justification, Specifying anti-aliasing, Creating text warp, Rasterizing type, Converting type to shapes, Adding effects to text.

 Photoshop Special effects and Filters: About special effects, Using filters, Basic filter examples, Artistic filters, Distorting filters, Filter combinations, Plug-in filters.

Web application  and animation     

Adobe ImageReady: About ImageReady, Opening ImageReady, The ImageReady Interface, Image maps, Image slicing, Basic animation.

Photoshop for building web interface : About the Interface.


Getting Started: Exploring the CorelDraw Screen, File Management, Setting Up the Page.

Moving Around and Viewing Drawings: Moving Around the Current Page, Viewing Modes, Inserting and Deleting Pages, Changing Page.

Customizing Options: Using Multiple Workspaces, Customizing the Toolbars, Using Shortcuts, Saving Defaults, Setting File Backups.

Objects- Creation and Manipulation: Drawing and Shaping Objects, Drawing and Shaping Tools, Using the Freehand Tool, Drawing Lines and Polylines, Drawing, Freehand Polygons, Drawing Perfect Shapes, Reshaping Lines and Polylines, Drawing Curves, Reshaping Curves, Drawing Rectangles, Drawing Circles.

Selecting & Manipulating Objects: Selecting and Deselecting Objects, Moving Objects, Copying and Deleting Objects, Deleting Objects, Sizing Objects.

Transforming Objects: Mirroring Objects, Rotating and Skewing Objects, Using Transform Docker.

Outlining & Filling Objects: Eyedropper and Paint bucket Tools, The Outline Tool, Choosing Outline Thickness, Choosing Outline Colors, Using Fill Tool, Uniform Fill, Fountain Fill, Pattern Fill, Interactive Mesh fill, Copying Attributes, Setting Outline and Fill Defaults.

Arranging Objects: Arranging Objects, Grouping and Ungrouping Objects, Using Guidelines, Using Dynamic Guides, Using Snap To, Aligning Objects, Group and Child Objects, Combining and Breaking Objects, Welding Objects, Using Intersection, Using Trim.

Using Layers: About Layers, Editing Layers, Setting Up a Master Layer, Moving, Copying and Locking Layers, Reordering Layers, Using the Object Manager.

Special Effects: Drawing With the Artistic Media Tool, Shaping an Object with an Envelope, Extruding an Object, Blending Two Objects, Using the Lens Effect, Adding Perspectives, Using Power Clips, Applying Contours, Applying Drop Shadows, Using Interactive Fills, Applying Distortions, Using Interactive Transparencies, Applying Mesh Fills.

Working with Text: The Text Tool, Creating Artistic Text, Editing Text, Formatting Text, Setting Text Options, Creating Paragraph Text, Choosing Paragraph Options, Setting Indents Using the Ruler, Importing Text, Using the Spell Checker.

Working with Paragraph: Text Implementing Color Management, Creating Custom Color Palettes, Choosing a Color Using Color Harmonies, Applying Colors Using the Color Docker, Automatically Creating Color Styles, Importing and Sizing Paragraph Text, Flowing Text Between Frames, Formatting Paragraph Frames, Wrapping Paragraph Text Around Objects, Applying Drop Caps, Typing Text Into Objects.

Special Text Effects: Fitting Text to a Path, Converting Text to Curves, Creating Blended Text Shadows, Special Text Effects, Jumpy Text, Neon Text, Glowing Text, Chrome Text, Bevel Text, Creating Enveloped Text.

Using Symbols and Clipart: Inserting Text Symbols, Adding Clipart, Modifying Clipart.

Working With Bitmaps: What is a Bitmap, Importing Bitmap Options, Adjusting Color, Hiding Certain Colors in a Bitmap, Applying Special Bitmap Effects, Creating Web Images, and Advanced GIF Options.

Special Page Layouts: Creating a Greeting Card, Print Previewing the Layout, Creating Labels.

Printing: Print Options, Print Previewing.

Exporting Drawings: Exporting to Graphic Formats, Copy and Pasting Into Other Applications.

Using Styles and Templates: About Styles and Templates, Creating a Style, Applying a Style, Copying Properties.

Custom Creation Tools: Creating Custom Patterns, Managing and Using Symbols

Using Corel Trace: Types of Graphic Formats, About Corel Trace, Tracing Images, Importing Traced Files into CorelDraw, Special Trace Effects.

Using Corel R.A.V.E.: About Corel RAVE, Playing sample RAVE animations, Performing the five steps necessary to create RAVE animations, Working with the Timeline Docker, Tweening objects to create animation, Exporting to Macromedia Flash format, Publishing to the web Create web rollovers, Inserting hyperlinks, Creating sprites and adding behaviors, Creating interactive movies.


 Flash: Environment And Tools


Bitmap Vs vector graphics, Image Vs Movie, Conventional Animation Vs Flash animations, Concepts of Frame Rate and Resolution, PAL, NTSC and Film Standards.

Exploring The Flash Interface 

The Flash stage, Stage Settings, Creating a new Flash file, The various import formats, Timeline- Play head/Frames/Key Frames/ Blank frames, Menus, Toolbox and Properties, Keyboard shortcuts and Preferences, Color Swatches and Color Mixer, Rulers, Guides, Grids and Snappings, Common Libraries, Debugger and Output, Movie Explorer.

Working with images

Discussing bitmap and vector graphics, Importing and manipulating images, Converting bitmaps to vector graphics,

Basic drawing and Selections

Applying the Pencil and Eraser tools, Drawing with the Pen tool, Creating custom line styles, Selection Tools -Arrow Tools, and Lasso Tool, Navigation Tools – Hand and Zoom Tools.


Basic shapes, Creating rectangles, ovals, and circles, polystar, Creating freeform shapes, Selecting and editing shapes, Using the Selection and Lasso tools, Transforming shapes, Copying, moving, and deleting a shape, Grouping and aligning objects.


Applying color, Using the Paint Bucket and Ink Bottle tools, Using the Eyedropper and Brush tools, Fill Transform Tool, Custom colors and gradients, Creating a custom color swatch, Applying gradients, Creating a custom gradient.


The Text tool, Creating an extending text block, Creating a fixed text block, Text formatting, Changing font styles, Modifying a text block, Aliasing small text, Adjusting the kerning of text, Setting line spacing/margins//indentation, Converting text into, Text utilities, Using the Find and Replace feature, Using the Spell Checker feature, Using the History panel.

Symbols, Animation And Organizing Projects


Layer basics, Merging and rearranging layers, Deleting a layer, Modifying layers, Renaming a layer, Layers Folders, Locking and hiding layers, Masking a layer, Creating layer folders, Guide layers, Creating a guide layer, Controlling the speed of a motion tween, Arranging and extending frames.

Scenes and Frame Labels 

Creating a Scenes, Organizing Scenes, Creating Frame Labels.

 Symbols and Instances

About Symbols and Instances, Using and managing the Symbol Library, Graphic Symbols, Movie Clip Symbols, Managing the Timeline of Movie Clip with the main Timeline, Button Symbols, Creating and editing a button symbol, Controlling tints, brightness and transparency of instances.


Animation basics, Timeline, Frames and Key Frames, Creating a basic text animation, Creating and manipulating animations, Creating a basic frame-by-frame animation, Using Onion Skin to modify an animation, Using shape tweening and hinting, Using motion tweening, Using motion tweening with a guide, Mask Animations.


 Work Area

Arranging Palettes, Customizing Workspace, Palette Menus, Navigation and Magnification, Layers, Context Menus, Selecting Objects, Using Help.


Starting New Documents and Page Size, Master Pages, Footers, Placeholder Master, Applying Master and Overriding Master, Editing Master Pages.


Modifying and Resizing Text Frames, Modifying and Resizing Graphic Frames, Wrapping Graphics, Creating and Duplicating Frames, Rotating and Aligning Objects.

Importing and Editing Text

Managing Fonts, Creating and Entering Text, Creating Headline, Flowing Text, Working with Styles, Aligning Text, Threading Text, Changing Number of Columns, Changing Text Alignment, Character Style, Find and Replace and Spell Check, Text on a Path


Vertical spacing, baseline grid, space above and below paragraph, font and type style, paragraph alignment, special font features and drop cap, fill and stroke for text, kerning and tracking, working with tabs, rule for paragraph.

Working with color

Adding Color to Swatch Palette, Applying Color to Objects, Dash Stroke, Gradient, Tint, Spot Color, Apply Color to Text, Apply Color to Object, Creating and Applying Gradient Swatch.

Importing and linking graphics

Adding Graphics, Vector and Bitmap Graphics, Managing Links to Imported Graphics, Updating Graphics, Clipping Paths, Settings for Display Performance, Library to Manage Objects.


Importing and Formatting a Table, Formatting Borders and Alternating Row Colors, Graphics within Tables, Formatting Text in Table, Character Style to Table Text, Adjust Column Size.

Vector graphics

Document Grids, Applying Color to Path, Pencil Tool, Pen Tool, Drawing Curve and Straight Segments, Compound Path, Slicing a Path with Scissor, Adding end Shape to Open Path, Creating Texture Effects, Inline Graphics.


Transparency Setting, Opacity of Objects, Blending Modes, Feathering, Transparency Settings for EPS Images, Drop Shadow.

Interactive document

Bookmarks, Hyperlinks, Navigation Buttons, Adding a Movie, Button with Rollover and Down States, Adding an Action to Button, Exporting to Pdf.


Defining a Book, Creating Book File, Order and Pagination, Table of Content, Maintaining Consistency, Synchronizing Book Document, Updating Table of Content, Indexing the Book, Printing and Preparation, Preflight, Package, Separation Preview, Transparency Preview, Transparency Flattener Preview, Printing Proof.



Creating a New Document, More About the Document, Page Tool.


Selection Tool, Direct Selection, Group Selection, Selection Lassos, Selecting Stray Points, Magic Wand Selection.

The Pen Tools

Pen Introduction, Convert Anchor Point, Additional and Sub Anchors, Joining Anchors.

Layers and Grouping

Layers Introduction, Organizing Layers, Selecting Layers, Grouping Layers, Group Selection, Duplicating Layers, Sub-Layers, Collect and Flatten, Creating Templates, Placing Paths.

The Stroke

Stroke Basics, Capitals and Joining, The Dashed Line, Scaling Strokes.


The Type Tool, Area Type Tool, Path Type, Vertical Type Tool, Block Text, Rows and Columns, Wrap Text, Missing Font, Creating Outlines, Spell Checking, Font Attributes, Character Palette, Formatting Paragraphs, Type Transformation.

Shape Objects

Rectangle Tool, Rounded Rectangle Tool, Ellipse Tool, Polygon Tool, Star Tool, Flare Tool, The Spaz Modifier.


Scale Tool, Scaling Patterns, Rotation Tool, Rotating a Pattern, Reflect Tool, Twist Tool, :Sheer Tool, Reshape Tool, :Re-Positioning Art.

Aligning and Distributing

Object Alignment, Mouse Directed Movement.

Line Tools

Line Segment Tool, Arc Tool, Spiral Tool, Rectangular Grid Tool, Polar Grid Tool, Spaz Line Tool, Moving Lines.

Compound Path and Clipping Mask

Clipping Masks, Clipping Paths.

 Applying Color

Color Introduction, Adobe Color Picker, Color Palette, Swatches Palette, Color Picker Theft.

The Pencil Tools

Basic Pencil Tool, Smooth Tool, Eraser Tool.

The Brush Tool

Paintbrush Introduction, Calligraphic Brush, Art Brush, Pattern Brush, Loading and Saving Brushes.


Gradients Introduction, Editing Gradients, Gradient Libraries.

Transparency and Masking

Object Opacity, Targeted Transparency, Transparency Clipping, Transparency Masking, Knockout Group, Blending Modes.

 Enveloping and Meshes

Envelope Introduction, Using the Warp, Using the Mesh, Utilizing the Top Object, Text Distortions, Envelope Options.

Smart Guides and Rulers

Rulers Introduction, Creating Guides, Smart Guides, Extruding Text, Smart Guide Options, Grids, Measure and Info Tools

Scissor and Knife

The Scissor Tool, The Knife Tool.


Pathfinder Shape Modes, Using Pathfinders.


Liquefy Tools, More Lignifications.

Appearance and Styles

Styles Introduction, Multiple Strokes and Fills, Converting Effect to Shape, Group Appearance, The Text Bug, Distort and Transform, Offset Path Effect, Pathfinder Effects, Rasterizing, Document Rasterization, Stylize Effects, Pixel Effects, Warp Effects, Moving and Linking Styles, Sticky Styles, Reducing and Clearing Styles, Making and Saving Styles, Over-Riding Character Color.


Filter Introduction, Creating Trim Marks, Pen and Ink, More Lignifications.

The Blend Tool

Blending Introduction, Blending Multiple Objects.

Charts and Graphs

Creating Graphs, Changing the Graph Type, Coloring Graphs, Styling Type, Column Designs, Value Divisions, Design Markers, Other Line Graphs.

RGB and Screen Graphics

RGB Introduction, Snap To Pixel, Moving Snap Pixel, Saving for the Web, Viewing for the Web, Web Prep Overview, Sizing Images, Saving as Jpeg, Matting a JPEG, Saving as GIF, Making a Lossy GIF, Gradients and GIF, Saving as SWF, SWF Problems, Saving as SVG, SVG Effects.

Slicing for the Web

Creating Slices, Slice O ptions, Optimizing Slices.

Image Maps

Creating Image Maps, Saving and Previewing.

Symbols and Symbol

Symbol Introduction, Creating Custom Symbols, Building Blocks, Symbol Sprayer, Symbol Shifter Tool, Symbol Scruncher, Symbol Sizer, Symbol Spinner, Symbol Stainer, Symbol Screener, Symbol Styler, Saving Default Symbols.

Image and Photoshop Integration

Placing Images, Linking, Photoshop Layers, Type for Photoshop, Photoshop Shapes.

Variables Palette

Making Variables, Styling Variables, Automating Printing, Graph Variables, Changing Data, Saving and Loading Data, Linked Images, Deleting a Data Set.

Auto Trace Feature

Auto Trace, Auto Trace Preferences, Customizing the Keyboard, Creating your Own Shortcuts.