e-Accounting with Tally ERP 9

 Level 1: Beginner

Accounting Fundamental, What is ERP?, How to start Tally.ERP 9?, Basics of Accounting, Accounting Principles, Golden Rules of Accounting, Chart of Accounts, How to Create a Company?, How to Alter a Company?, Accounting Masters, Inventory Masters, Pre-Defined Groups in Tally, Creating the Group, Alteration of Group, Deletion of Group, Creating the ledger Account, Alteration of Ledger Account, Multiple Ledger Creation, Accounting Vouchers (Purchase, Sale, Receipt, Payment, Contra, Journal), Inventory Vouchers (Stock Journal, Physical Stock), Interest Calculations, Bank Reconciliation Statement, Reports, Trial Balance, Stock Summary, Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet

 Level 2: Intermediate

Accounting with Tally using Inventory, Creating Stock Group, Creating Stock categories, Creating Units of Measures, Creating Godown, Creating Stock Item, Entering Opening Stock Qty & Amount, Tally Voucher (Accounting & Inventory), Creating new Voucher Type, Order Processing, Tracking, Receipt/Delivery Note, Rejection In/Out, Debit/Credit Note, Purchase/Sales Invoice, Batch wise Details, Manufacturing Journal, Voucher Class, Budgets and Controls, Cost Centre & Cost Category, Multiple Currencies, Stock Valuation Methods, F11- Features, F12 – Configuration, Consolidation / Split of Accounts, Security Controls, Tally Audit, Tally Vault, Financial Reporting, Inventory Reporting, Printing from Tally.

Level 3: Advance

Optional Vouchers, Reversing Journal, Scenario Management, Price List, Re Order Levels, Export & Import of Data, XML & E-Capabilities, Web Browser, E-mail & Uploading, ODBC, Backup & Restore, Multi Linguistic Features

Level 4: Expert

  • Payroll, Payroll Company Creation, Enabling Payroll, Attendance Creation, Five Easy Steps to Payroll, Unit Creation, Pay head Creation, Employee Group Creation, Employee Creation, Salary Detail Creation, Attendance Voucher Creation, Payroll Voucher Creation, Introduction to VAT, Enabling Tally.ERP9 for VAT, VAT Classification, Creating Purchase Ledger, Creating Sales Ledger, Creating Tax Ledger Input VAT @ 12.5 %, Creating Tax Ledger Output VAT @ 4%, Accounting Voucher in Tally (as voucher format), Accounting Voucher in Tally (as invoice format), Inventory Voucher & Tracking Number, Bill- Wise Details, Cost Centers , Cost Categories, Bank Reconciliation, Order Processing, Batch wise details, Price List, Bill of Material, Manufacturing Journals, Zero value entries in vouchers, Budget & Control (credit limit), Security Control, Tally Audit, Backup & Restore, Interest Calculations, Additional Cost of Purchase, Actual & Billed Qty, Tally of Excel, Cheque Printing, Split Company Data, Printing in Tally ERP.9, VAT Communication, VAT Adjustment entry, VAT Payment entry, e-VAT Returns, TDS (Tax Deducted at Source), Enabling TDS in tally ERP.9, TDS ledger creation & Voucher entry, TDS Computation report, TDS outstanding report, TDS payment entry, TDS Chillan Printing, TDS ITNS- 281 Challan Printing, TDS Form-17 Challan Printing, TDS Report, TDS Challan Reconciliation, TDS Returns, TDS Form – 16A Printing, TDS Form – 26Q Printing, TDS Form – 26 Printing, TDS Form – 27 Printing, TDS Form – 27Q Printing, e-TDS Returns, Service Tax, Some Important Taxable Services, Service Tax Company Creation, Enabling Service Tax, Sales Service Tax Ledger Creation, Purchase Service Tax Ledger Creation, Input & Output Service Tax Ledger Creation, Customer Ledger Creation for Service Tax, Supplier Ledger Creation for Service Tax, Sales Voucher Entry, Receipt Voucher Entry, Sales Exempted Service Tax Ledger & Sales Voucher Entry, Purchase Voucher Entry, Payment Voucher Entry, Service Tax Exercise Entry, Service Tax Payable Report, Input Credit Form, Service Tax Payment Entry, GAR-7 Payment Challan, Dealer / Manufacturing Excise, POS(Point of Sale), Income Tax, Multiple BOM, Banking, GST (Goods and Service Tax)
  • Create Company and Activate GST in Company Level
  • Creating Masters and Set GST Rates
  • Creating Tax Ledgers
  • Transferring Tax Credits of VAT, Excise and Service Tax to GST
  • Recording GST Sales and Printing Invoices
  • Recording GST Interstate Sales and Printing Invoices
  • Recording an Advance Payment to Supplier under GST
  • Recording GST Local Purchase
  • Recording GST Interstate Purchase

Display & Reporting

Short Function Keys