C# .Net Training

Course Code: GLOXINIA/DNT-C#.NET/02

 Introduction to C#: Getting Started with C# .Net, Saving your Work, How to Run your C# Program, Your First C# Windows Form, Adding Controls to a Form, Properties of a Control, Adding Code to a Button, C# Message Boxes, More about Message Boxes, Data Types(Value Types and Reference Types), Data Types Conversions, Constants and Variables, Namespaces and Types of .NET Class Library, Operator, Classes and Structures

 Variables: Starting Variables in C# .Net, Assigning Text to a String Variable, Concatenation in C#, C# Comments, Numbers Variables, Double and Float Variables, Subtraction, Mixing Subtraction and Addition, Multiplication and Division, Getting Numbers from Text Boxes, C# .Net Calculator – Design, The plus Button, The Equals Button

 Conditional Statement: IF Statements, Else … If, Switch Statements, C# Operators

 Looping: C# and For Loops, Loops Start and End Values, Do Loops and While Loops, Checking for Blank Textboxes in C#, For – Each loop

 Add Menus to your Forms: Add Menus to Windows Forms in C#, Sub Menus, Menu Shortcuts, Code for your Quit Menu, The Edit Menu, Copy and Paste in C# .Net, The View Menu, Adding Images in C# .Net, Open File Dialogue Box in C#, Open a Text File, The Save as Dialogue Box, Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

 Debugging your Applications: Errors at Design Time, Run Time Errors, Logic Errors, Breakpoints, The Locals Window, Try.. Catch Statements in C# .Net

 Methods: Understanding C# .Net Methods, Passing Values to your C# Methods, Getting Values back from C# Methods

 Arrays: Arrays in C# .Net, Arrays and Loops, Arrays at Runtime, Multi-Dimensional Arrays in C# .Net, Arrays and Text, Zagged Arrays

 String Manipulation: C# String Variables, Trim Unwanted Characters, The Contains Methods, The Index of Method, The Insert Method, Remove and Replace in C# .Net, C# Substring, Split and Join in C#

 Events: The Click Event, The Mouse Down Event, Key Down, The Leave Event, C# List Box and Combo Box Events, C# Custom Web Browser, The Tree View Control

 Classes and Objects: Classes and Objects in C# .Net, A first Class, Create Objects from your C# Classes Passing values to your Classes, Adding Properties to your C# Classes, Using Class Properties, Class Constructors in C# .Net, Inheritance in C# .Net, C# Method Overloading, C# Static Methods

 Manipulating Files: How to open a Text File, Read a file line by line in C# .Net, Write to a Text File, How to Copy, Move and Delete a File

Databases: SQL Server Express and C# .Net, Create a SQL Server Express Database, Create a SQL Server Database Table, Add Data to the Table, Datasets and Data Adapters, Display Data from the Dataset, Database Navigation Buttons, Add, Update, Delete a Record, Finding Records in a Dataset, Windows based Controls

 Multiple Forms: Creating Multiple Forms, Modal Forms in C# .Net, Getting at the values on other Forms

Dates and Times: Dates and Times in C# .Net

 Windows / Desktop Based Applications: Calculator, Scientific Calculator, Notepad