Basic Computer Training

Basic Fundamentals

Introduction to Personal Computer

Windows Operating System, Hardware and Software, Turning on your PC/Logging on, The Desktop (Document, Original, Application, Folder Icons), Taskbar, Start Button and Menu, Mouse Clicks, Moving, Copying files and Folders, Creating, Renaming and Deleting a file or Folder, Parts of a Window (Bars, Buttons, Scroll Bar), Resizing and moving a Window, Opening and Saving a Document, Editing Text, Drag and Drop, How to type a Arabic, Getting Help, Shutting Down

 Microsoft Word

Getting Started, Views, Working with Files, Working with Text, Formatting Text, Lists, Paragraph Formatting, Text Formatting, Tables, Track Changes, Page Margins and Gutter Margins, Setting Tabs

Microsoft Excel

Spreadsheet Basics, Modifying Worksheets, Formatting Cells, Formulas and Functions, Referencing, Sorting and Filling, Comparing Workbooks, Page Properties and Printing, Charts, Commonly Used Features, Saving Excel files as Web Pages, E-mail an Excel File, Additional Readings, Shortcut Keys, Functions and Formulas Fundamentals, Errors in Formulas, Excel Functions Overview, Additional Readings, Text to Speech

Microsoft PowerPoint

Introduction, Create a New Presentation, PowerPoint Screen, Working with Slides, Add Content, Work with text, Working with Tables, Graphics, Save and Print, Tips on Creating Better Presentations, Graphics, Editing a Graphic, Text to Speech, Graphs and Charts, Changing the type of chart, Master slides, Changing the type of Chart, Protecting a Presentation, Slide Animation, Animating Slides, Creating a Photo Album, Reordering Slides, Creating Presenter’s Notes, Adding Action Buttons, Using the Pen Tool in a Slide Show, Adding Sound to a Presentation, Adding Narration, Creating a Summary Slide, Rehearsing a Slide Show, Saving a Presentation as a Web Page, Displaying the grid, Working with a presentation in MS Word, Adding a comment, E-mail a presentation, More into other Masters, Cropping Pictures, Editing Images, Image Control, Creating Hyperlink, Creating a custom slide show, Set up a slide show, PowerPoint Shortcuts

 Basic Internet

Introduction, Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9, Getting Started, List of shortcut keys, Email, What is Gmail?, Making the Most of Your Gmail! Mail Home Tab, Using Instant Messaging