ASP .Net Training

Course Code: GLOXINIA/DNT-.NET/03

 Introduction to ASP.Net: Basic of ASP.Net, Net and HTML Controls, Net Events and Event Handler, Net View State Property

 ASP.Net Server Controls: Literal and Label Controls, Text Box Control Properties, Net Check Box Control, Net Radio Button Control, Net Button Control, Net Link Button Property, From Default Button Property, Net Image Control, Net Panel Control, Net Hyper Link Control, Net is Post Back Property, Web User Controls

 ASP.Net Validation Controls: Validation Control Basic, Client-Side and Server-side Validation, Error message and Display Property of Validation Control, Net Validation Group, Causes Validation Property of Button, Range Valdator Control, Regular Expression Validator, Compare Vlidator Control, Validation Summary Control

 ASP.Net Master Page: Overview, Master Page Layout with CSS, Master Page Directive and Content Place Holder, Adding Title to a Page that inherits from a Master Page

 State Management: Session, Cookies, Query String, View State, Hidden, Application

 ASP.Net Theme: Net Website Theme,  Named Skin and Default Skin in ASP.Net Theme,  Style Sheet Theme and Theme Attributes of a Page Directive

 ASP.Net Navigation Controls: Creating ASP.Net Site Map, Site Map Path Navigation Control, Net Menu Control Built-in Wizard and Menu Items, Binding ASP.Net Menu Control to a site map,  Net Tree View Control

 ASP.Net Login Controls: Login Control Overview, Website Administrative Tool, Net Login Control, Net Create User Wizard Control, Net Login Status Control, Net Login Name Control, Net Change Password Control, Net Login View Control, Net Membership Minimum Password Length Settings, Adding Users to ASP.Net Roles

 ASP.Net Advance Concepts: Web Services, WCF, Silverlight / WPF, Crystal Reports, MVC, Mobile Applications

 ADO.Net and Working with SQL Server: Introduction to SQL, Working with SQL, Net Overview and Architecture, Connection,  Data Adapter Object,  Two tier Architecture,  Three tire Architectore,  Database Connectivity, Data Bound Control, Grid View, Detail View, Dropdown List, Form View

 Class: Properties, Interfaces, Method Implementation with Interfaces