Advance .Net MVC Training

Language Integrated Query (LINQ)

INTRODUCTION TO LINQ: What is LINQ?, Why we need LINQ?, How LINQ works?, Using Linq via Method based and Query based syntax

STANDARD LINQ OPERATORS: Sorting Data, Filtering Data, Grouping Data, Joining Data, Set Operations, Element Operators, Quantification Operators, Partitioning Data

LINQ TO OBJECTS AND COLLECTIONS: Linq to List, Linq to Array, Linq to ArrayList, Linq to Entites

ENTITY FRAMEWORK: Overview of the Entity framework, Difference betwwen Linq to sqland Entity framework, Learn how to create an Entity data model, conceputual schema definition language (CSDL), Store schema definition language (SSDL), Mapping specification language (MSL), Techniques for using linq to entities to query data in a SQL server data base, Creating/managing 1-many and many-1 relations, Association and foreign keys, Procedure Mapping, Giving life to a Model, Mapping object to Data


INTRODUCTION TO WCF: What is Distributed Application, Evolution of WCF, Evolution of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Four Tenets of SOA, What is WCF., Where does WCF Services fit in?, WCF comparison with WebServices and .Net Remoting.

ENDPOINTS IN WCF: What is Endpoint in WCF, End points in Configuration File, ABC – Address, Binding & Contract of the service in Configuration File, Understanding importance of base address, Importance of IMetadataExchange Contract / Endpoint, IMetadataExchange Contract/Endpoint for Http and tcp, Configuring service behavior in configuration file, WCF Service Configuration Editor, Creating Endpoints through Code

DEVELOPING WCF SERVICE APPLICATION AND CLIENT:  Hosting WCF Service in IIS/ASP.NET Development Server, Hosting WCF service in Managed Application(Self Hosting), Use of WCF Service Library Project, Use of Wcf Service with Entity Framework

UNDERSTAND CONTRACTS IN WCF SERVICE:  ServiceContract, OperationContract, DataContract, Fault Contract, Message Contract




GETTING STARTED:  What is MVC, Life cycle of MVC, The MVC Pattern, The Road to MVC

MODELS: Scaffolding, What Is Scaffolding, Scaffolding and the Entity Framework, Executing the Scaffolding Template, Executing the Scaffolding Code, Editing, Building a Resource to Edit, Responding to the Edit POST Request, Model Binding, The DefaultModelBinder, Explicit Model Binding

VIEWS:  The Purpose of Views, View Basics, Understanding View Conventions, Strongly Typed Views, How View Bag Falls Short, Understanding View Bag, View Data and ViewDataDictionary, View Models, Adding a View, The Razor View Engine, What Is Razor, Code Expressions, HTML Encoding, Code Blocks, Razor Syntax Samples, Layouts, View Start, Specifying a Partial View

FORMS AND HTML HELPERS: Using Forms, The Action and the Method, To GET or to POST?, HTML Helpers, Automatic Encoding, Making Helpers Do Your Bidding, Inside HTML Helpers, Setting Up the Album Edit Form, Adding Inputs, Helpers, Models, and View Data, Strongly Typed Helpers, Helpers and Model Metadata, Templated Helpers, Helpers and ModelState, Other Input Helpers, Html.Hidden, Html.Password, Html.RadioButton, Html.CheckBox, Rendering Helpers, Html.ActionLink and Html.RouteLink, URL Helpers, Html.Partial and Html.RenderPartial, Html.Action and Html.RenderAction

DATA ANNOTATIONS AND VALIDATION: Annotating Orders for Validation, Using Validation Annotations, Custom Error Messages and Localization, Looking Behind the Annotation Curtain, Controller Actions and Validation Errors, Custom Validation Logic, Custom Annotations, ValidatableObject, Display and Edit Annotations, Display, Scaffold Column, Display Format

CONTROLLERS: Controllers, Actions, and Action Results, Routing to Controller Actions, Working with the Application Model

MEMBERSHIP, AUTHORIZATION, AND SECURITY: Using the Authorize Attribute to Require Login, Securing Controller Actions, How Authorize Attribute Works with Forms Authentication and the Account Controller, Windows Authentication, Using Authorize Attribute to Require Role Membership, Extending User Identity, Storing additional user profile data, Persistence control, Managing users and roles, External Login via OAuth and OpenID, Registering External Login Providers, Configuring OpenID Providers, Configuring OAuth Providers, Security Implications of External Logins

JQUERY: Jquery Features, Unobtrusive JavaScript, Using jQuery, Ajax Helpers, Adding the Unobtrusive Ajax Script to Your Project, Ajax ActionLinks, HTML 5 Attributes, Ajax Forms, Client Validation, Jquery Validation, Custom Validation, Beyond Helpers, Jquery UI, Autocomplete with Jquery UI, JSON and Client-Side Templates, Bootstrap Plugins, Improving Ajax Performance, Using Content Delivery Networks, Script Optimizations

ROUTING: Introduction to Routing, Comparing Routing to URL Rewriting, Routing Approaches, Defining Attribute Routes, Defining Traditional Routes, Choosing Attribute Routes or Traditional Routes, Named Routes, MVC Areas, Catch-All Parameter, Multiple Route Parameters in a Segment, StopRoutingHandler and IgnoreRoute, Debugging Routes, Inside Routing: How Routes Generate URLs, High-Level View of URL Generation, A Detailed Look at URL Generation, Ambient Route Values, More Examples of URL Generation with the Route Class, Inside Routing: How Routes Tie Your URL to an Action, The High-Level Request Routing Pipeline, RouteData

WEB API DEVELOPMENT: Getting Started with Web API, Writing an API Controller, Examining the Sample ValuesController, Async by Design: IHttpController, Incoming Action Parameters, Action Return Values, Errors, and Asynchrony, Configuring Web API, Configuration in Web-Hosted Web API, Configuration in Self-Hosted Web API, Adding Routes to Your Web API, Binding Parameters, Filtering Requests, Enabling Dependency Injection, Exploring APIs Programmatically, Tracing the Application

DEPENDENCY INJECTION AND DESIGN PATTERN: Software Design Patterns, Design Pattern: Inversion of Control, Design Pattern: Service Locator, Design Pattern: Dependency Injection, Dependency Resolution in MVC, Singly Registered Services in MVC, Multiply Registered Services in MVC, Arbitrary Objects in MVC, Dependency Resolution in Web API, Singly Registered Services in Web API, Multiply Registered Services in Web API

BOOTSTRAP INTRODUCTION: Responsive app, layouts, Components, Developing site with bootstrap

ANGULAR JS INTRODUCTION: Understanding and Setting Up AngularJS, What’s AngularJS, Getting Started, Adding AngularJS to the Site, Setting Up the Database, Building the Web API, Building Applications and Modules, Creating Controllers, Models, and Views, Services, Routing, Details View, A Custom Service, Deleting, Editing and Creating

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